Harvest Gathering Policies


Each individual is responsible for their own actions. Violent, disruptive, dangerous, illegal or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. 


Illegal Drug Use is strictly prohibited

Anyone caught using or disturbing illegal drugs the police will be will called immediately. Your admission to Harvest Gathering will be revoked without refund.



We ask those who are of legal drinking age drink and behave responsibly. 

Connecticut State Law prohibits the following activities:

  1. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by any person below the age of 21
  2. The distribution of alcohol to anyone below the age of 21.

Anyone in violation of CT State Law will be asked to leave immediately and admission to Harvest Gathering will be revoked without refund.



No smoking except in designated areas. Please be considerate of this policy.


Media and Photography

Harvest Gathering is a private event on private property. Media coverage is not permitted unless there is prior authorization from the event manager. Photography is permitted only with the permission of all those being photographed. If photographs are being uploaded to social media and/or internet, please ask permission of those photographed.



Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians and must be supervised at all times. Failure to do so will result in both child and parent/guardian to leave the event without refund. We do not offer a babysitting service or children unattended by parents/guardian activities.



No open flame should be left unattended. No tiki torches should be used at campsites or cabins. No camp fires are allowed on camp property. Cooking fires are allowed at stone barbecues (provide by the camp) and camp stoves. 


Refund Policy

If you must cancel your registration, Harvest Gathering will refund the cost of the event minus $30.00 filing fee up to June 1, 2017. After June 1st, 2017 no refund will be issued.

Payment Plans are not refundable. 

The event manager reserves the right to revoke your admission to Harvest Gathering without a refund.