Meadow SweetMeadow Sweet has been studying and practicing witchcraft and paganism for 18 years. She is a Master Practioner of NLP, and has 11 years experience as a professional Tarot consultant. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her two wonderful children and ill-behaved cat.

Raquy DanzigerRaquy Danziger is one of the most popular performers, teachers and composers of Middle Eastern Drumming today. Audiences worldwide are not only surprised by this young woman from America, but captivated by her virtuosity, profound musicality and the passion she brings to performances. Her varied repertoire includes traditional Middle Eastern music as well as her own compositions.

Liz GuerraThere's not much to say about Liz, other than she's the insane co-chair who puts on HHG each year along with the other insane co-chair. She just wrote a book, "Stewart Farrar, Writer On A Broomstick" and has been asked to do a workshop on it (actually, she was told she had to do a workshop).

Patricia and MarkMark A. Michaels (Swami Umeshanand Saraswati) and Patricia Johnson (Devi Veenanand) are a devoted married couple and have been teaching Tantra and Kriya Yoga together since 1999. Their first book, "The Essence of Tantric Sexuality", was a National Best Books 2007 Awards Award-Winner in the Health: Sexuality category and an Award-Winning Finalist in the Religion: Eastern Religions category.

Gavin And JanetJanet Farrar and Gavin Bone are well-known names internationally within the Wiccan and Pagan communities. They have more than 50 years experience between them in the fields of spirituality and the Occult sciences. Originally initiated into Wicca, they have explored several other paths, including Spiritualism, Spiritual Healing, Voudon, Hinduism, Shamanism and Ceremonial Magic to broaden their path.

TchipakkanTchipakkan is an artist, writer, healer, and eclectic pagan-heathen-rustic. Openly pagan since the 60s, she’s currently living on a small farm in NH aimed at self sufficiency and sustainability, with 3 adult children- all artists and writers, and a varying assortment of animals- friends and livestock. On weekends Tchipakkan teaches, while her daughters sell the family’s art through Cabochons, and they write, paint, sculpt, etc. the rest of the week. Author of Divine Cookies, and other cookbooks, sculpts votive and altar images in ceramics, and paints book covers and portraits. Currently organizing the Changing Times-Changing Worlds interfaith Esoteric Conference

Robert PlaceRobert M. Place is an internationally known visionary artist, author, and illustrator, whose award winning works, in painting, sculpture, and jewelry, have been displayed in galleries and museums in America, Europe, and Japan and graced the covers and pages of numerous books publications.

Laura WildmanHanlonLaura Wildman-Hanlon is the author of "What’s Your Wicca I.Q?" (Citadel Press 2002), "Wiccan Meditations" (Citadel Press 2003), and "Celebrating the Pagan Soul" (Citadel Press 2005). Her ground breaking research on “Generational Retention within the New Religious Movement of Neo-Paganism” is scheduled to be published this year by Routledge Press in a book collection on Pagan studies (Barb Davy, ed).

Kirk WhiteKirk White, M.A., L.Ac., is a healer, teacher and author. He has been a practicing Witch for over 34 years, a psychotherapist for 13 years, and a licensed oriental medical practitioner for 14 years. Past Director of the University of Vermont’s Parapsychology Program, he also founded the Green Mountain College of Oriental Medicine, the Church of the Sacred Earth: a Union of Pagan Congregations, and Cherry Hill Seminary (, a professional Pagan ministry program with faculty and students worldwide. He is current emeritus (past president) of Covenant of the Goddess (, North America’s oldest and largest association of Witches and Wiccans.

Courtney WeberCourtney Weber is a Priestess, writer, Tarot Advisor, performer and activist originally from Portland, OR. She received ordination as a Priestess of Pan from Rev. Cyn DeFay of the Cluan-Feart Mystery School in 2005 and a Third Degree Initiation as a Priestess of Brid from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in 2009. She is the HPS of Novices of the Old Ways, a Progressive Wiccan and Pagan group based in New York City and Portland, Oregon.

Jane SibleyJane T. Sibley, Ph.D., is a traditional Norse practitioner and a specialist in Norse folklore and runes. She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, and also hosts MithraCon, which focuses on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire. And along with Tchipakkan, she co-chairs “Changing Times - Changing Worlds”, in it's third year, this conference with classes from Astrology to Zen (we’re aiming at over 100 classes), to be held in Amherst, MA this coming fall (9-11 Nov). Her books, “Norse Mythology...According to Uncle Einar”, “The Hammer of the Smith”, and “The Divine Thunderbolt: Missile of the Gods” are available in the hucksters’ room.

Shaughn The Bard

Shaughn has been a part of Harvest Home Gathering from the beginning, but this marks his first year as a speaker. He considers his tradition and trade to be the same, and embraces his spirituality in his work as a writer, musician and artist. Shaughn has been both a member and officer with the Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Network, and at one time was dubbed the 'CWPN Spokesmodel' by founder Ainsley Friedberg. He also served as coordinator of the Second Annual CWPN Renaissance Feast and the entire run of the CWPN Lughnasadh Games. He is currently at work on a number of various project.

Mark SosnowskiMark Sosnowski has been on this path most of his life. Life's ways dealt him many twists and turns. He usually says he came into the Craft through the back door. He loves books and reading, and makes his living as a librarian. Numerology is his main form of divination having worked it for over 20 years. His Gemini mind, never at rest, has studied astrology, crystals, runes, I -Ching and whatever else strikes his fancy.

Lillith DorseyLilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many different magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I., New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous iniations in Santeria, Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo .

Juniper TalbotJuniper Talbot has been a witch for over 25 years. She is an elder in Lenai Aine, a Celtic witchcraft coven, and has been a leader of Celtic spirituality for many years. As a professional dancer, she has toured widely, especially to Europe and the British Isles to teach and perform both traditional and creative dance/ritual pieces. In the summer of 2004, Juniper was chosen as one of the delegates representing Paganism to offer her workshop, "Dances With the Earth", at the Parliament of World's Religions held in Barcelona.

Phil FarberPhilip H. Farber is the author of "Futureritual: Magick for the 21st Century", a manual of neurological exploration, and "Meta-Magick:The Book of Atem" (Weiser Books, 2008). His articles on magick and popular culture have appeared in Green Egg Magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Today, Mondo 2000, High Times, Paradigm Shift, and other unique publications and web sites. He has produced several DVD packages on magical topics, including Magick and Entheogens Vol. 1: Cannabis, Magick for the 21st Century, and Meta-Magick Invocation. Phil is an instructor for Maybe Logic Academy, a Certified Hypnotist and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, with a private practice in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley. Visit Phil at

Ivo DominguezIvo Dominguez, Jr. is a visionary, and a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines. He has been active in Wicca and the Pagan community since 1978, has been teaching since 1982. Ivo was a founding member of Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the first coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel a Wiccan Tradition.

Orion FoxwoodOrion Foxwood is founder of the Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion. He is a a Witch and High Priest in Celtic/ Traditional Witchcraft and Cunningman in the Faery Seership Tradition. He is author of the book, "The Faery Teachings", recently published by Muse Press. Orion has taught extensively in the Old Religion, Faery Seership and the magical arts and is a noted ritualist and spiritual counselor.

Rob WandellRob made his first drum in 1986, in the very early days of the hand drum phenomenon in this country. His love for percussion and people grew, and soon he was exploring every aspect of ethnic percussion. Now, he makes and sells drums, teaches, gives seminars, runs drum building workshops, and owns Primal Beat Percussion, a 20+ year old drum company, as well as Imagicka, an eclectic shop in Binghamton , NY.

Ainsley FriedbergAinsley Friedberg does not remember a time when she did not have occult interests. She was initiated into the Golden Dawn in 1977 but left shortly afterwards being one of the few to hold the degree of 0:0 neophyte for over 25 years. In 1980, Ainsley discovered Wicca and self-dedicated to later start the CWPN in 1989.